About David Quakenbush

David Quakenbush

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I’ve been a visual storyteller for over 20 years. I specialize in clear video communication, compelling portraiture and related projects. My approach blends technical mastery, a minimalist aesthetic, and a joyful imagination.

I am also an award winning multimedia producer and cinematographer. My framing is naturally cinematic and narratively rich. As a director I understand what a casting director looks for in a headshot, and am trained to help actors eliminate tension and deliver believable performances on camera.

My background includes more than a decade as a graphic designer, five years creating educational video for online college course content, and a decade as staff photographer at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. My work is clear, concise and compelling. I am at home in the studio and have a wary eye for decisive moments at live events. I understand the demands that need to be met to publish via broadcast, web video, print publication and anything in-between.

Please get in touch if I can be of any assistance.

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