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Friday, May 1st, 2015

Aurora Vortex

As a photographer and filmmaker I’ve created many works for the enjoyment of an audience, but after several decades of fielding these projects it struck me that regardless of project or media I was just creating things for people to look at, to contemplate, to consider. While the interpretive process is indeed active, this is a philosophical technicality. Experiencing the work was a passive project for most audiences; to sit in a theater or peruse in a gallery seemed fundamentally uninteresting.

What, I thought, would it be like to create a work that didn’t exist without full visitor participation? What if, instead of something to see or reflect upon, I created something that demanded action and play? What if my work denied the capacity for contemplation, and instead offered only spontaneous engagement?

The Aurora Vortex is our first attempt to answer to that question.

It is our most popular experimental project; it is an interactive video installation/performance environment that allows a performer to paint using lights or their body movements real-time in a large dynamic video projection. Various configurations are suitable for clubs, parties, performances, or ambient/environmental video installations.

Experimental Video

Our experimental video projects have won several awards, and have exhibited in numerous galleries and film festivals throughout Colorado; 40W, 841 Sante Fe (now VFW Outpost 1), Blissfest, Intendence Film Festival, and the Firehouse Art Center among others. They are designed to be projected at a monolithic scale. Enjoy this selection of our more popular works:

(Don’t see anything? Visit our experimental video collection on Vimeo: )

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