What’s Included

The camera is the starting point of a compelling image. Each image is then retouched by hand to eliminate distractions, and ensure every client is presenting the best version of themselves to the world. Drag the slider below to see the kinds of improvements we make while polishing your images:


Details vary from assignment to assignment, but a project usually includes:

  • One or more creative consultation meetings, free of charge
  • A written project plan with a hard estimate. Special rates available for recurring projects, or clients who wish to place us on retainer
  • Location scouting, composition and lighting tests if necessary
  • Makeup and wardrobe consultation
  • The shoot, including all crew and equipment necessary to successfully execute your project. This can range from a single photographer to a full video production crew
  • Digital development of a determined number of final images, or video of the agreed-upon length
  • Prints, print-ready data, or a video file based on your specific needs
  • Reproduction licenses

We think you’ll be impressed with our collaborative process, creativity and professionalism. Get in touch to schedule your free consultation.