Case Study: NiteIze

  • January 26, 2018
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Sales Video Series/Podcast

While they sell products in most home improvement, outdoor and sporting good chains around the world, at heart NiteIze is a product design incubator. Their team brings dozens of new products to market every year, which keeps their multinational sales force on their toes.

They turned to Quakenbush Imaging in 2015 to begin a monthly video series to keep everyone in the loop. Their CEO/Founder and Director of International Sales have an intimate conversation about additions or changes to a product family. We then mix file footage, photography, and fresh product video to showcase the finer points of each design. Some of our product shots are collected in the loop above.

Superficially each video is about the product, on a deeper level it keeps remote teams stitched into the corporate culture and provides a window into the passion driving their CEO.

Here are two episodes from our ongoing production:

In the words of Creative Director Michael Westfield:

The series gives our sales team a focused sales strategy and product insights straight from Rick, our Founder and CEO. They do a wonderful job of filming a batch of videos over one day (which is critical with scheduling our CEO), and then delivering edited videos on schedule over the next 3-4 months.

Quakenbush Imaging is super easy to work with. David is a great professional who knows his stuff and is able to provide suggestions on how to approach a project that we have not thought of. He has a great skill for working with on-camera talent, and is especially good at coaching those who are new to being in front of the camera. His team adjusts as needed to meet our ever-changing needs. They're super timely and always looking ahead at how else they can help us, which makes them a great partner for NiteIze.

Retouching and Image Compositing

We are imaging experts; we have a deep tool box that we can use to solve many problems in our clients' workflow. For NiteIze, all those new products require new packaging with fresh photography every six months. They have an in-house photographer and design team, but one or two times a year they still have more photoshop work than they can handle.

Freelance retouchers come and go, but as a full service imaging shop we can fill that role with consistent quality and reliable service.

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