Case Study: Nikki Pike

  • May 4, 2018
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We've worked with Nikki Pike for years to document her art practice, first under We Drink it Black and later when we formed Quakenbush Imaging. Part of her mission is to create opportunities for beauty through creative integrity, community, and shared vulnerability. The trick: she needs to share her work, but would like to remain anonymous as the artist.

We combine unscripted documentary footage, home video, still images and scripted production with found audio and a short interview. She has a voice and may make an occasional cameo, but the focus is deliberately kept on the work and its impacts rather than the artist's ego.

Here's what she has to say about working with us:

David is able to encompass the full spectrum of my projects through his narrative approach. For my work, his style adds authenticity that appeals to my audience in art, education, and community.
David is masterful with his camera in capturing both stills and moving images. His video documentaries are honest and true to each unique project. See for yourself!

In addition to video for her site she asked us to photograph the process of creating her most recent commission. Nikki uses these materials to share her work with galleries, her students, and to pursue new commission and exhibition opportunities.

See more of her work at

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