Case Study: Quality Park

  • May 6, 2018
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Envelopes for Every Occasion

Quality Park (previously owned by Cenveo, now LSC Communications) is a primary manufacturer of envelopes in the United States. An envelope plant is a sprawling, hazardous place. We began our working relationship creating a short video tour of their facilities, so new staff members and other community members could explore the building without interfering with operations. We then developed a series of product demonstrations to support their sales staff, and to help jump-start direct to consumer sales.

Automating Photoshop for Product Photography

While working together we discovered a more efficient system for creating catalog photography. As a result we created a 60% increase in efficiency, with repeatable consistency across the collection of images. Our process combines standardized studio techniques with in-house Photoshop scripting to automatically remove backgrounds, position fronts and backs, then generate drop shadows and clipping paths. The images are then placed in Quality Park's digital asset library for use in their catalogs, packaging, and advertising.

Envelopes aren't usually considered a sexy consumer product, but we would disagree. Every business has a fascinating story, and we thrive on finding and sharing those stories for our clients.

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